Meet Bob: IT Manager Turned IT Super Hero

Have you considered outsourcing a portion of your IT support to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) but worry about losing control over your IT infrastructure? You are not alone. If you select the right MSP, however, you need not worry.



Kalleo takes a hybrid approach to many of our large clients. Our objective at those sites is not to replace the internal IT staff employed by those companies but rather work to co-manage the company’s IT infrastructures in a way that brings relief to the company’s internal staff.   The key to a successful partnership is identifying the strengths of each team and identifying what IT support services to outsource to best enhance productivity while minimizing disruption.


The MSP services the Kalleo team provides in these cases varies depending on each company’s unique needs and strategic goals. Here’s one example of an IT Manager turned IT Super Hero in part due to the IT support services provided by our team:



Outsourced IT


Are you ready to be like Bob? Contact us to transform your IT Department from a cost center to a profit center.




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