About Us

TruittsKalleo Technologies was founded in 2004 by brothers Doug and John Truitt, experts in the area of highly efficient remote system management for Fortune 100 companies.

The Truitts started their company with the goal of bringing their expertise of enterprise level IT support to small and mid-sized organizations. Today, Kalleo continues to realize that goal by supporting over 5,000 endpoints nationwide from Hawaii to New York.

Kalleo’s professionals have extensive knowledge of the challenges facing the marine transportation, government and healthcare industries. We use this knowledge to help our clients leverage technology in a way to further their advancement towards their strategic business goals.

Typically, clients leverage our services in one of two ways:


Some clients hire Kalleo strictly to enhance the productivity of their existing IT support staff. We have found that by reallocating time consuming tasks from the company’s internal IT support team to Kalleo, these clients have empowered their internal talent to leverage the trade knowledge they possess about their industry and company to research, develop, and implement custom solutions that transform the way IT is used by their organization. The result is improved alignment between business goals and technology resources effectively transforming IT from a cost center to a profit center.

Other clients may lack internal IT support entirely. Those clients hire Kalleo as their Chief Information Officer. In this role, Kalleo provides the day-to-day maintenance and IT support required to keep an organization’s systems running optimally, and also serves as that client’s internal partner. We achieve this by investing the time necessary to learn about the organization, including its strengths, its weaknesses, its business processes, and its current short term and long term objectives. We facilitate corporate brainstorming sessions to advise and assist in both goal and strategy development. Then, we develop and maintain a technology roadmap that aligns the adoption and implementation of new technology to those goals.

To demonstrate our commitment to constantly earning your business, Kalleo does not require a long-term IT support contract. You pay month to month for our service. We believe this creates internal pressure to do the right thing aligning our goals with yours to use IT to achieve these five things:

1. Control operating costs
2. Improve workflow efficiencies
3. Enhance staff productivity
4. Improve risk management while safeguarding compliance with industry regulations.
5. Transform IT from a cost center to a profit center.

It is in this way you can be assured that we will work hard to earn your business every month.