Custom Server Hosting

Kalleo Technologies offers custom server hosting to suit the individual needs of your company. Today there are a number of virtual server solutions from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, EMC and others. These solutions are best described as “cookie cutter” solutions. As long as what you need is very straight forward and fits a standard application requirement such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange or Hosted Web Servers then these solutions are perfect. The pricing of these commodity products are very attractive and competitive.

However, for the many companies who desire to host their internal servers virtually or who want to host an application for their customers, these solutions are inadequate. In many cases hosted servers require custom configuration, enhanced network security (e.g. VPNs), or multi-server domain security. In cases like those you will need a custom server hosting solution. Kalleo not only offers a virtual server platform for hosting but also supports the application infrastructure running on that platform which the commodity vendors like Amazon will not do.


Kalleo offers two custom server hosting options:


Custom Server Hosting Options  Internal Server Infrastructure Hosting:

Kalleo can virtualize your current server infrastructure and host it in our cloud. This means that you no longer have to worry about having servers in your office, thus eliminating the need to buy new server hardware every few years. We provide the hardware platform, the infrastructure support, and the backups. You provide the software licensing.


Custom Server Hosting Options  Application Hosting:

Kalleo can provide a platform and support for your company to deliver hosted applications to your customers. Hosted Applications can be delivered in a variety of ways, and Kalleo is well-equipped to support them. Even traditional client-server windows applications that are not web-based can be delivered in a Hosted model. As a Microsoft Hosting Community Partner, Kalleo can also deliver any Microsoft applications and their licenses as well that are required by your application (e.g. MS-SQL Server, MS Office, etc.).