FTPGetter Installation and Configuration


1. Download Installer @ https://www.ftpgetter.com/download.php

2. Install with all defaults

3. Open Application – Application will tell you its not registered – Click Continue

4. At the top menu bar click help (3rd option from the left) – Click About

5. At the About Screen hold CTRL+A – this will allow you to register to the product


Setup Connections

1. At the top menu bar click Profiles – New Profile

2. Set the Protocol as follows: Protocol – SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol

3. Enter the host name and user name as follows:

Host Name / IP – hosting.kalleo.net

Username – “Username”

Password – “Password”

4. On the left side Under Scheduler Setting change the time from 15mins to 1hour

5. Save Changes

Test Connection

1. Double Click the Profile Connection to connect and simulate the SFTP connection

2. If successful close the Site Explorer window


Automation Task Setup

1. Right click the Profile and click Profile Properties

2. At the bottom of the window is the Automation Task Pane – Click “Create a new automated task” (folder icon and green plus)

3. Operation – Synchronize – Mirror Remote – Click Next

4. Local Folder – Folder you create on the local workstation that the remote side will sync to

5. Remote Folder – /* – Click Next

6. Options on last page are all defaults – Click Next

7. Finish


Auto Print Setup

1. Create a batch file to do the print function.  Abatch file will need to be created for each job and placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\FTPGetter\scripts. (Note: you will need to create the scripts folder as it does not exist)

2. Ensure the batch file contains the following command “print /d:”\\server002\printsharename” “local folder\filename.txt”  where the local folder is the folder path from step 1.

3. During the setup of the automation task on the last screen of the setup there is a tab called “post-transfer.”  Click the tab and enable (check) run program after file successfully transferred option.

4. Set the program path as the batch file path


If you have a question not answered here, or you require additional support, please contact the Kalleo Help Desk at (270) 908-4136 option 2.