Healthcare Testimonials

After two and a half years of using Kalleo, we made the decision to move our IT support to a company local to us.  Our thoughts were simply that having support so close to our busy office made sense in the event of some catastrophic occurrence that could require emergency on-site assistance. We soon learned that we had made a mistake. Whenever we called Kalleo, day or night, someone was available to resolve our computer issues.  That was not the case with the local company we switched to. Even the onsite support took longer!


After four months of frustration we elected to return to Kalleo: we learned the hard way that there is a lot more to service than close proximity.   Kalleo has ALWAYS been courteous, prompt, and reasonable in every aspect of our partnership with them.  We have noted how proactive they are in monitoring our servers and warning us of potential problems, and most problems are resolved in one phone call. 


Kalleo is truly a unique organization; one that takes pride in its work and values good client relationships.  Our entire office, including our five doctors, breathed a sigh of relief once we were under Kalleo’s support again.

Terry Bethel, Clinical Manager
West County Opthamology
Chesterfield, Missouri

Since we became clients of Kalleo, our computer issues have decreased greatly which, in turn, assists us in working more efficiently. Kalleo’s level of knowledge with our EHR has furthered their ability to get things up and running in a timely fashion. We are extremely happy with Kalleo’s service.

Gina Factora, Office Manager
Neurology Associates
Honolulu, Hawaii

There is a more personal touch with Kalleo. I have the resources of a larger entity, without the ambiguous “I’m just a number” feel. It is nice to know that if there ever is an issue that is extremely pressing then I can speak with the owner himself to get things moving.


Knowing that I can get help 24/7 from the help desk is very comforting as well. It’s one of those things that I wouldn’t have if I hired someone to be on my staff. You may not think you need that, until that day inevitably comes that you really do need after hours support. Those are shot in the dark moments you were never expecting to come that leave you to deal with the consequences. Kalleo is there to take care of us in those moments.


Kalleo’s staff is very professional, and most importantly, they respond to your needs and issues in a proactive manner. They have processes in place to keep that continuity of care going even after the incident at hand. I highly recommend Kalleo as a very professional and dependable organization.

Nick Williams, CFO
Eagles Landing Family Practice
McDonough, Georgia

We have been with Kalleo since 2004. The difference between Kalleo and our prior support provider is that we get an actual person from the very start of the phone call. Once we start the initial phone call, we are transferred to a service tech and the problem is usually resolved right then. We are always given a ticket number so we are able to track our phone calls. We like that most problems are resolved with remote support, and we do not have to pay for the company to send someone on site to fix the problem. The owners of the company are always available and willing to talk to us if there is an issue or product change.  We are extremely satisfied with Kalleo’s service and would highly recommend their company.

Jenny Bullock, Billing Officer
Eadens-Grimball Internal Medicine
Somerset, Kentucky

You get what you pay for. Kalleo is extremely efficient. I call it ‘concierge computer service’. If we have a problem, Kalleo is immediately aware and they get right to work to resolve the issue.  Kalleo is so efficient that sometimes problems are repaired before we even know we have an issue. Our approach to medicine is special. Kalleo helps us provide that by improving our access to patients and eliminating the barriers associated to the old way of providing healthcare.

Lee Tolar Meals
Premier Primary Care
Paducah, Kentucky

Unlike many IT providers, Kalleo is interested in solving my needs individually and is able to customize solutions to meet the demands of the healthcare industry. I have confidence Kalleo will find the most efficient and affordable solution to meet our IT needs. Kalleo’s staff is friendly and always eager to resolve our problems. Issues are resolved in an efficient manner allowing our staff to focus on their individual jobs. 

Julie Thomas
Rebound Orthopedic & Sports Medicine
Frankfort, Kentucky

Kalleo has been our IT support provider since 2006, and I wouldn’t change for anything! Kalleo has been wonderful in so many ways. I have received calls after hours when a Kalleo technician noticed something was not quite right at the office just to make me aware they were working on a situation I didn’t even know we had. Every time I call or send a message through their portal I always get a prompt response notifying me the problem has been solved.  I have heard so many stories from my friends at other offices that their IT services is so bad they cannot get their problems solved, or it takes days just to get a problem reported to their support providers. This is not the case with Kalleo. I’d tell someone looking to hire Kalleo to do it – it’s the best decision they will ever make.

Diana Walker, Office Manager
Kelly M. Pitsenbarger, MD
Shady Springs, West Virginia

Kalleo has served us well for the past 6 years. We were referred to Kalleo by our EMR software vendor who had experience working with the company. We were seeking a new support provider because our prior provider was not resolving our issues in an acceptable timeframe. When our doctors have computer problems they need them resolved fast. Kalleo responds quickly to our issues. I would recommend Kalleo to anyone without hesitation.

Bonnie Digby, Office Manager
Draves County Medicine
Festus, Missouri

We have been a Kalleo client since 2007. Since hiring Kalleo we have migrated to a VoIP telephone system and made several software and equipment purchases based on their recommendations. Kalleo has assisted us with our HIPAA compliance and HITECH act requirements and with their assistance we have successfully interfaced our EMR with 3rd party vendors for radiology, labs, and state vaccine programs. They work directly with our other vendors to resolve issues that involve them.


Kalleo proactively monitors or servers and warns us of potential problems. When we call the help desk, we are directed to a live technician who assists us right away.  Kalleo is available 24/7/365. Their after-hours service is great! When we call and leave a message, our call is returned quickly. Their techs are very knowledgeable and walk us through the troubleshooting process. 

Esveyda Castillo, Operations Mgr
Bluegrass Community Health Center
Lexington, Kentucky