How Do I Reset My Users’ Passwords?

If you are an administrator, follow the steps below to change your users’ hosting passwords:


(NOTE: If you are a user seeking to change your own password, click this link for instructions to reset your own account password and review our password complexity requirements.)


1. Login to the Kalleo Hosting Resources web page (



 2.  Click on “Password Control” remote application and the screen below should appear. Enter the user’s name and click on the “Binocular” search button at the right of the Username field to find the correct user.





3. Your search results will appear (see below) and if multiple results are displayed, click and highlight the correct user and click “OK”





4.  Type in the desired password (Complexity requirements must be adhered to) and click on “Change Password”. To force the user to change the password upon next login (not required) leave the “Force Password Change at Logon” option checked, otherwise, uncheck the box before clicking “Change Password”.






If you have a question not answered here, or you require additional support, please contact the Kalleo Help Desk at (270) 908-4136 option 2.