Internet Protection Service

Internet ProtectionCyber-attacks, viruses and malware – you are familiar with all of these phrases and have undoubtedly seen your share of news headlines pertaining to businesses which have fallen victim to hackers and scammers. The internet can be a dangerous place. Taking control of your business’ web activities can protect you from harm while keeping your employees productive.


Kalleo’s Internet Protection Service protects your business.


Web Filters

Web filters protect your network from harm from potentially dangerous websites while also assisting you in managing workplace productivity by ensuring that non-business use of the internet is not excessive. Web filters also assist by protecting your business from potential legal liabilities associated to unrestricted web access (such as illegal downloads).  Finally, a web filter can improve the internet bandwidth across the network by providing control over high bandwidth websites and the use of web-based applications.  Learn about Kalleo’s web filter service.


Email Filters

Email filtering is a second component of the Kalleo Internet Protection Service. Email filtering protects users from spam and computer viruses and provides denial of service attack protection to maintain the integrity of your domain.


Kalleo Internet Protection Services are available two ways: through the acquisition of in-house hardware and software or delivered as a monthly subscription.