Kalleo Disaster Recovery Services

Computer based data has become more critical than ever to organizations and businesses.  There are a number of threats to business data ranging from the mundane to the extreme. These threats include human error, software glitches, hardware failure and natural disasters. While some risks can be mitigated, a business can never fully eliminate the risk of business data loss or system disruption.


Kalleo Disaster Recovery Services (KDRS) protects your business data from loss and assures timely access to that data in the event of disruption.


KDRS is more than just backup – it’s a true disaster recovery solution. In addition to duplicating data to onsite and offsite storage locations, KDRS also creates images of servers including applications and system data. Should a server fail, the server can be restored quickly and easily in a cloud environment thus minimizing downtime and disruption to your business.


How Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Works:


Unlike traditional backup solutions which can take days to restore data and are difficult to test, KDRS can be easily tested providing confidence to users.


Traditional data backup solutions like tapes and network attached storage create duplicate copies of your data only.  This includes raw data in forms such as Microsoft Word documents, Outlook Personal Storage Tables, Quickbooks Company Files, etc.  While this critical company data is secure, the ability to access and use the data is not possible if you are unable to access the software applications required to view and modify the data. As a result, your business will suffer from costly downtime in the event of a hardware failure. This downtime could be days long depending on the severity of the hardware failure. Imaging of a server’s application and system data includes backup of the software applications required to access and modify those data files.  In the event of a hardware failure, your server image can be uploaded to the cloud as a virtual machine and accessed by users in a matter of minutes, not days.