Kalleo Hosting Instructions


1. Launch Internet Explorer and navigate the Kalleo Technologies’ Hosting Resources website located at https://hosting.kalleo.net/RDWeb


2. New users: select “Click here to reset your password. Existing users: enter your user name and password to sign in. Skip to step 4. 


3. To complete new user registration, enter your domain and username in the following format: username@domain. Enter the password as the current password. Create a new password and enter it into the “new password” and “confirm new password” fields.


Password Complexity Requirements:


Passwords can not contain the user’s account name or parts of the user’s full name that exceed two consecutive characters.


Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length.


You cannot reuse any of the last 24 passwords.


Passwords must contain characters from three of the following four categories:

1. English uppercase characters (A through Z)

2. English lowercase characters (a through z)

3. Base 10 digits (0 through 9)

4. Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)



A user’s name is Bob User. His account name is buser.

Bad Password: buser1 (has account name as part of password)

Bad password: user15 (has account name as part of password)

Bad password: jhuyuy (not enough characters; a minimum of 8 is required.)

Bad password: Agghuwep (no numbers; password must contain at least 1 number

Good password: Apple2245 (at least 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase, at least 1 lowercase, at least 1 number)

Good password: Apple224! (at least 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase, at least 1 lowercase, at least 1 number, at least 1 special character)


Once you have set your password, press Submit. 


4. On the screen that follows select the appropriate remote application icon.


5. After making your selection a RemoteApp connection dialog box will appear. Select “Connect.”


6. Click “Yes,” when prompted to connect despite certificate errors.


7. You now have access to your applications from the webpage in an RDP session.


Should you require additional technical support, contact the Kalleo helpdesk at (270) 908-4136, option 2.