One Touch Scanner Setup

Download and install the latest driver for your scanner. This URL refers to the download page for the Xerox DocuMate 252 Drivers and Manuals provided as an example for the type of resource you are seeking. Make sure you download the driver that is specifically for the make and model of the scanner you are using.


Once the Driver is installed, download and install the OneTouch Software.


Access OneTouch Settings:

  • Double Click the OT icon in the system tray, a new window will appear.

  • Right click the “Scan” Icon

  • Right click the “Scan” Icon again and the Settings window will open up.


OneTouch Settings Setup:

Each Scanner should be labeled: Scanner001, Scanner002, Scanner003, etc.  Each Scanner should also have their own destination folder.

  • On the left, select the desired Scan Number.

  • Set the format as “TIFF”

  • Select the desired configuration, then click the “Copy…” button, a new window will open.

  • Set the Mode to “Black&White”

  • Set the Resolution to “200 dpi”

  • Click the “FTP Transfer” tab.

  • Select the “SFTP” radio button.

  • Host:

  • Port:   22

  • User account:   YourUserName

  • Password:   YourPassword

  • Destination folder:   \Scans\Scanner001

  • Each scanner should have it’s own folder.


OneTouch Setup for Multiple Windows Users on a single PC:

The OneTouch settings are per user account, you can export the registry settings from one user and configure them to be imported for each user upon login.

  • Only proceed after you’ve have your settings setup & tested from above.

  • Click the start button, type in “regedit” and press enter.

  • Expand:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Visioneer

  • Right click the “Visioneer” folder and select “Export”

  • Name it:   ScannerSettings.reg

  • Save it to the root of the (C:) drive:

  • In Regedit, Expand:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run

  • Right click the “Run” folder and select “New” and then “String Value”.

  • Name it “ScannerSetttings”

  • Double click “ScannerSetting” to open the “Edit String” window.

  • In the “Value Data” box, enter the following:   Regedit /s C:\ScannerSettings.reg


Should you require additional technical support, contact the Kalleo helpdesk at (270) 908-4136, option 2.