How Do I Create a RemoteApp Shortcut Icon?

Follow the steps below to create a RemoteApp icon on your desktop: 


1. In Internet Explorer, go to

2. Log in as username@domain

3. In the bottom right hand corner a balloon will pop up saying “Connected to RemoteApp

and Desktop Connections”

4. Click the Start button in the bottom left hand corner and in the search bar type

“RemoteApp and Desktop Connections”

5. A new window will open redirecting you to the control panel. Click “Set up a new

connection with RemoteApp and Desktop Connections”

6. Next, you copy the url into the text box below. (

7. You are now ready to set up your connection. Click next to proceed.

8. Type in your username and password again to save the connection.

9. A new window will pop up saying you have successfully connected, click Finish.

10. To start using this connection, click Start/All Programs/RemoteApp and Desktop


11. If you would like to save the icons to your desktop you can right click the icon, select Send To/Desktop.


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