Important Information about Windows 10


Microsoft has announced it will release its latest operating system, Windows 10, on July 29, 2015. The upgrade will be free for PC users with genuine versions of the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems installed on their PCs. Kalleo would like to caution our clients about the risks associated with automatically installing this upgrade.


On June 1st, Microsoft began issuing an application via its Windows Update notification system known as the Windows 10 Upgrade App. This app will notify you of your upgrade eligibility and allow you to enable the automated installation of Windows 10 upon its release at the end of July.



We urge you to proceed with caution should you see this app appear on your desktop.


Legacy applications (such as EMR software, antivirus software or line of business applications) or hardware components in use by your computer may not be compatible with this new Operating System. Before upgrading, you should verify your applications and hardware peripherals will continue to work in a Windows 10 environment.


Kalleo’s technical team is available to provide help to our clients who are interested in upgrading to Windows 10. To request assistance, contact us at (270) 908-4136.

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