Risks of Using Outdated Technology

We love new technology. We love learning about new software enhancements and getting our hands on the newest and shiniest gadgets. We realize, however, that is not the case for many businesses outside the technology industry.


Hardware and software upgrades require investment. Learning how to use new tools, especially when you are comfortable with what is old and familiar, can be time consuming.  We understand that position. But do you know the risks associated with using outdated technology?


Top 5 Risks of Using Outdated Technology


Microsoft cites the following as the top risks associated to the use of outdated technology:

  1. Crashes and system downtime cost you time spent fixing IT issues that could be spent focused on your business.
  2. Crashes and system downtime cost you money spent fixing IT issues that could be invested in your business.
  3. Employee productivity declines when staff members cannot complete their business tasks because out hardware and software issues.
  4. Outdated software leaves you more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
  5. Auditors can fine companies that do not upgrade unsupported software


Why Businesses Do Not Perform Timely Hardware and Software Upgrades


Loss of time and money are the two primary risks associated with the continued use of outdated technology, yet time and money are also the reasons cited by most small and mid-sized businesses for failing to make timely hardware and software upgrades. Ironic, isn’t it?


What are the Advantages of New Technologies?


There are a number of advantages to adopting new technology. Among them:

  • 49% of business owners say cloud computing has been a key factor in business growth
  • 66% say it has reduced other IT costs
  • 54% say cloud computing has accelerated other IT projects


Learn more about the risks and benefits associated to the use of outdated hardware and software. Download the infographic “The Risky Business of Outdated Technology” presented by Microsoft.

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