Why Should I Rent Anti-Virus Software?

Did you know there are approximately 28,000 new malware threats introduced to the web every single day?  Rapid growth of technology presents the opportunity for the development of a wide range of new viruses distributed to attack our systems in ways unrecognizable to anti-virus software packages.  Such rapid landscape changes make it difficult for traditional anti-virus software packages to maintain systems both efficiently and effectively.

A number of factors determine the long-term effectiveness of a given solution.  One of those factors is the popularity of the product.  You might believe that the most popular product available on the market is the safest product for your business, however, that line of thinking would be incorrect. A product’s popularity in the market place makes it a greater target for hackers. Viruses spread by exploiting security holes left unprotected by anti-virus software. A hacker’s malicious code will reap the greatest return by exploiting anti-virus software in use by the greatest number of users.

The purchase and implementation of company-wide antivirus software can be expensive. The expense can quickly become unmanageable as your chosen product becomes less effective – both in terms of costly downtime due to decreased effectiveness and software replacement costs should you decide it is time to change software.

We address this challenge for our clients by providing anti-virus software on a monthly cost basis. The advantage of this approach is that it makes it possible to quickly change out the brand of anti-virus software as its effectiveness declines while at the same time avoiding the financial “hit” that purchasing and deploying a new on-premise solution would require.  Kalleo selects and deploys the anti-virus software then monitors its performance. If the solution ceases to perform adequately, Kalleo moves swiftly to find the best alternative and put new protections in place.

The result: peace of mind knowing your systems are protected at a price point that doesn’t bust the budget.

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