Managed IT Support Services

At Kalleo, we specialize in providing proactive Managed IT Support Services. This means that we constantly strive to ensure that our clients’ systems have maximum uptime to keep costs under control, and keep staff productive. We monitor and manage with preventive maintenance in mind so that we minimize outages by catching problems and fixing them before they become serious issues causing serious downtime. By coordinating and managing all of your technical solutions and vendors, and proactively managing your network, we allow you the ability to completely focus on running your business. Learn more about Kalleo Managed IT Support Services.

Strategic Technology Planning

Leveraged correctly, a company’s Information Technologies tools, including its computers, industry-specific applications, and telecommunications systems is the foundation for growth, stability and long-term success. The key to achieving this success is an IT strategy that is synchronized to the business’s goals.  Learn how Kalleo Strategic Technology Planning assists companies with and without in house IT support.

Internet Protection Service

Internet usage is a must for most businesses. Open access to the internet by employees, however, can put your company and its network at risk. Learn how the Kalleo Internet Protection Service helps to protect and control your office’s internet access.

Disaster Recovery Services

Computer based data has become more critical than ever to organizations and businesses.  There are a number of threats to business data ranging from the mundane to the extreme. These threats include human error, software glitches, hardware failure and natural disasters. While some risks can be mitigated, a business can never fully eliminate the risk of business data loss or system disruption.  Kalleo Disaster Recovery Services (KDRS) protects your business data from loss and assures timely access to that data in the event of disruption.

Cloud Computing

To remain competitive in today’s business environment, your professionals need anytime, anywhere access to the data they need to get things done. Today’s cloud environment provides many solutions designed to enhance employee productivity while ensuring access to that data is reliable and secure. Learn more about Kalleo’s Cloud Productivity Offerings.

Custom Server Hosting

Kalleo Technologies offers customized server hosting to suit the individual needs of your company. Learn more about the benefits of Kalleo Custom Server Hosting.

IP Phone Sytems

Improve customer service while lowering telecommunication costs and improving productivity with a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system supported by Kalleo.  Learn More.