Managed IT Support Services

Outstanding IT Support GoalOur primary goal at Kalleo Technologies is to provide the most outstanding managed IT support service possible for our clients.


After many years of being involved with IT organizations large and small we found that the traditional IT Vendor to Client relationship was fundamentally flawed. That relationship, typically referred to as a “Break-Fix” model of IT support, provides little incentive for the IT vendor to prevent clients from experiencing problems.  When something breaks, the client pays the vendor to fix the problem.


We believed – and have subsequently proven – that proactively managing your network always costs less, always improves systems’ uptime, and always improves the IT Vendor to Client relationship. Kalleo Technologies’ proactive, Flat Rate approach to IT support ensures our goals and incentives match those of our clients. Because we charge a flat rate for service, we make the same amount of money whether things are running smoothly or whether they are breaking. If things are breaking, our costs go up and our profit goes down, incentivizing us, as your partner, to keep things running smoothly.


Features and Benefits of Kalleo’s Managed IT Support Service Plans


Proactive Maintenance

Our systems and technicians monitor thousands of distinct events and metrics 24 hours a day in order to discover problems either as they happen or even before they occur.

We respond to problems no matter when they occur and resolve them. Kalleo continually expands the number of both automated pro-active maintenance activities and support engineer involved activities included in our service. We constantly strive to improve our maintenance systems so that we are able to provide a more stable environment for our customers. Many of these activities happen without the awareness of the users.

Some of these activities include: • Microsoft Windows Patch Management • Anti-Virus Management • 3rd Party Application Management (upon request) • Hardware maintenance • Server status monitoring

Help Desk Support 

Our Remote Help Desk is always available anytime you need help. No matter how important or insignificant the problem may seem, we are here to help.

The Help Desk is open 7am to 5pm Central Time, Monday through Friday. After hours support is available via an on call technician.

Our help desk is divided into four groups. Triage technicians answer your phone call and document the issue you are experiencing. 2nd level support handles day to day problems and most technical issues. 3rd level support handles escalated high priority items. Finally our bench technicians configure and prepare new systems and repair existing systems for problems not covered under manufacturer warranties.

Kalleo Technologies manages thousands of PCs, Tablet PCs, Laptops, Servers, Networks, across 26 states. We are able to resolve most issues over the phone on the first call. This reduces the time and cost associated with your technology. When the need arises for onsite support, we dispatch a technician to address the issue onsite at no additional cost.

Rented A/V


Kalleo provides anti-virus software on a monthly cost basis.

The advantage of this approach is that it makes it possible to quickly change out the brand of anti-virus software. Anti-virus software becomes less effective over time based upon a number of factors including popularity of the anti-virus software, corporate resources, competitive pressures, etc. By having the flexibility of changing out the anti-virus software at any time without taking a financial “hit” we can keep your systems optimally protected.

IT Toolset


Kalleo uses a sophisticated system of software and hardware tools to effectively manage the systems in our care.

The Kalleo team has spent thousands of man hours optimizing these tools. Our goals for our toolset are to automate as much as possible and to equip our technicians with the ability to remotely work on systems without having to actually take over the system from the user.

Our tools have the ability to analyze and remediate numerous types of problems without the intervention of a technician or user. We have also automated a large number of standard tasks such as software installation. If a technician does need to interact with a task or a problem he has the ability to do almost anything he needs to from his toolset console rather than having to logon to and take over the system. Everything he needs to know about that system is readily available to him.

We recognize that these tools are not only beneficial to our technicians but can also dramatically improve the efficiency of our customers’ technicians. With this in mind we have made our toolset available to the IT departments of our larger customers. We host the applications so that our client does not need to add any server infrastructure. We will train and provide ongoing support to the IT department so that your technicians can make the most of the Toolset.

Vendor Management


Kalleo takes the headaches out of dealing with all of your various technology vendors. This includes vendors such as Internet Service Providers, Software Application Vendors, ComputerHardware Vendors, Phone System and/or Service Vendors, and more. For example, instead of one of your employees having to sit on hold and trouble shoot a problem with your ISP we get on the phone with the ISP to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

This allows you to have a one-stop shop approach for support.