SimplySecure Encryption


Did you know that the single biggest risk of data breach is your employees? Stolen laptops, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) breaches, PC data risks, lost USB devices and (lack of) policy awareness are the most common security risks facing your organization. A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Nearly half of companies that permit BYOD in the workplace experience a breach of data as a result of an employee-owned device accessing the corporate network. How are you controlling this risk?


You know mobile computing increases employee productivity. You want to encourage this in the workplace, but how do you so while remaining in control of your company data? PC and mobile device encryption and security provided through Kalleo SimplySecure is your answer. There is no hardware to buy, no impact to employee productivity and nothing for you to manage. Kalleo can even remotely control data access on a lost laptop, destroy the contents of a stolen tablet or disallow access to a misplaced USB device.


How SimplySecure Works:



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