Strategic Technology Planning

Leveraged correctly, a company’s Information Technologies tools, including its computers, industry-specific applications, and telecommunications systems is the foundation for growth, stability and long-term success. The key to achieving this success is an IT strategy that is synchronized to the business’s goals.


Often, IT is regarded as a commodity service that is purchased out of necessity rather than as a specialty service that may be instrumental in the achievement of business goals such as increased revenue and improved customer service.


In large organizations, the Chief Information Officer’s job is to help map the goals of the organization to specific technology that will help achieve these goals. Unfortunately, most organizations cannot afford the demanding salary of these skilled professionals. Even organizations that employ CIOs often find the daily management of complex networks impedes upon the CIO’s ability to perform the strategic role they were hired to fill.

Kalleo Technologies fills this gap with our specialized technology planning services.

Strategic Technology Planning



We work with agencies lacking CIO support to understand their short term and long term goals. Then we develop and maintain a technology roadmap in line with those goals. We meet with key personnel from the organization on a periodic basis to both review existing and new goals as well as update the roadmap to accommodate changing needs.


Organizations who employ a CIO benefit from these services as well. We’ll take care of the day-to-day network management freeing the CIO to seek and deliver innovative tools that deliver business value aligned with company goals. Because we believe there is strength in collaboration, we often work partnership with CIOs to further the effectiveness of their efforts.