Transportation Testimonials

The best fringe benefit Marquette receives from working with Kalleo is the added value of the intelligence and expertise that is brought to us by having their entire staff as IT partners. They offer a breadth and depth of skill sets we could not realistically maintain In-house or find from other vendors in our area.


Kalleo is an extension to our IT department - a partner not a vendor to my team. I believe we both intentionally treat the relationship that way so we get benefits that are not typical from a traditional customer/vendor relationship. Along the same lines, I appreciate that Kalleo works with my other technology vendors without the finger pointing that often exists between separate IT providers. There is collaborative resolution to issues. There's no "hands-in-the-air-it's-someone-else’s-problem" response. Technology is no different than any other part of business or life - problems will arise. The team at Kalleo know that we have just got to solve the issue as efficiently and timely as possible. It's not about whose fault it is.

Bob Evans, VP of Information Technology
Marquette Transportation
Paducah, Kentucky

We chose Kalleo Technologies due to their demonstrated commitment to the marine transportation industry. Kalleo invests the time to meet with us regularly, understand our goals, and develop a plan that we work together to ensure we get all we need from our technology. We have grown significantly in the last three years. Kalleo has been in lock step with us investing the man hours requested to support my organization all while demonstrating determination to get the job done. Kalleo’s support has saved us time and money by eliminating strain and main hours that would have been required of my internal staff to ensure our IT efforts were managed adequately and communication of our goals remained clear.

Jason Strait, Co-Owner
Western Rivers Boat Management
Paducah, Kentucky