Cloud Services

Anytime, Anywhere Access to the Data
Required to Get Things Done.

Today’s cloud technologies provide many solutions designed to enhance employee productivity while ensuring access to that data is reliable and secure. Kalleo's cloud services include productivity solutions from Microsoft and Google as well as two custom server hosting options: internal server infrastructure hosting and application hosting.


All cloud service offerings include cloud-readiness assessment, application rationalization, migration, deployment, customization, private and public cloud integration -- hybrid clouds -- and ongoing management.


When business data resides in the cloud, businesses can be assured that their critical documents are always backed up. In addition, using a third party provider to manage all or a portion of your infrastructure in the cloud frees you and your staff from the responsibility of costly on-site server management. The transition also frees your budget eliminating the need for upfront capital expenditures. Your IT expenditures become affordably priced services that are expensed monthly rather than capital purchases that must be paid up front.

Kalleo's productivity solutions include tools from both Microsoft and Google.

  • Low up-front costs.

    Predictable monthly subscription fees eliminate the need for up-front license purchases.
  • Ensure the privacy of your business information

    Enhanced secuirty by design with state-of-the-art data centers, premium anti-spam and antivirus protection, and encrypted anywhere access to your data.
  • Work anywhere, anytime

    Online and offline access to files keeps you working even when on the go.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency

    Share documents seamlessly among teams and collaborate on documents in real time.


Kalleo can virtualize your current server infrastructure and host it in our cloud. This means that you no longer have to worry about having servers in your office, thus eliminating the need to buy new server hardware every few years. We provide the hardware platform, the infrastructure support, and the backups. You provide the software licensing.

Eliminate the time and resources spent managing internal servers.

  • No expensive hardware to purchase or maintain

    Pay a predictable monthly fee for your infrastructure and support.
  • No backups to manage

    Data backup is time-consuming and costly. We eliminate this tedious task by completing automated, daily incremental backups of your data and verifying those backups for accuracy.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to resources

    Have users who require secure access to company data from remote locations? We offer anytime, anywhere access to network resources who require this functionality.
  • Improved scalability

    Should your business grow significantly, the need to purchase expensive hardware and networking equipment is eliminated.


Kalleo can provide a platform and support for your company to deliver hosted applications to your customers. Hosted Applications can be delivered in a variety of ways, and Kalleo is well-equipped to support them. Even traditional client-server windows applications that are not web-based can be delivered in a Hosted model. As a Microsoft Hosting Community Partner, Kalleo can also deliver any Microsoft applications and their licenses as well that are required by your application (e.g. MS-SQL Server, MS Office, etc.).

Make traditional client-server Windows applications web-based.

  • Provide Anytime Anywhere Access to Users

    Provide remote users with access to applications they could not otherwise use offsite.
  • No expensive hardware to purchase or maintain.

    Pay a predictable monthly fee for your application hosting and support.
  • Improved scalability

    Should your business grow significantly, the need to purchase expensive hardawwre and networking equipment is eliminated.