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With the holiday season officially behind us, most of us are back to the grind, working towards our 2018 goals and resolutions. “Be more productive” is a goal shared by many. IT marketers will tell you technology is the key to being more productive in today’s workplace. Most fail to tell you that’s only true when
New Years Resolution
I sound like a broken record some days: security, security, security. Despite our increased awareness of the ever-growing number of cyber threats each one of us face when we turn on our internet connected devices, I continue to be surprised by the number of people that do not take basic steps towards protecting themselves (and
Kalleo Technologies has announced that Dallas-based cloud service provider ManageWatch has chosen the company as its technology service provider. Under this agreement, Kalleo will provide help desk support to all ManageWatch clients.   As a cloud service provider, ManageWatch helps clients transform their business by helping them save money, grow their company and increase their
Cloud Hosting
From time to time, we discuss ways businesses can take advantage of cloud technology. We’ve provided examples in the past of ways that cloud-based technologies improve employee productivity. We’ve also given an example of a local business that has successfully moved its entire business to the cloud. Moving an entire business to the cloud is not
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Healthcare Mobility Webinar
Healthcare has gone mobile. Providers are using mobile devices like never before. With the majority of physicians using their personal devices as part of their delivery of patient care, how can they be sure their patients’ protected health information stays secure? Mobile data security and HIPAA compliance have become two of the biggest concerns among
If your company’s fiscal year ends with the calendar year, now is the time for new year budgeting. Budgeting for technology purchases can be an overwhelming process. It is easy to overlook critical items that must be included in your budget plan.  There are several key items that must be considered as part of your
Disaster Recovery Planning
On August 25, 2017, Americans witnessed the devastation Mother Nature can impose when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston. This powerful event was referred to as a 500-year storm and few people imagined just how destructive the storm would be. FEMA suggests that as many as 40% of the small businesses in the path of
EHR Webinar

Webinar Event: EHR in the Cloud

Are you feeling pressured to move your EHR to the Cloud?   If so, you are not alone. Many EHR vendors today encourage practices to move their EHRs out of their offices and into the cloud. But how do you know if this is the right decision for your practice? The decision to move your EHR to the
National Cyber Security Awareness Month
Kalleo Technologies announced today that it has become a Champion of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2017. Kalleo will be joining a growing global effort among businesses, government agencies, colleges and universities, associations, nonprofit organizations and individuals to promote online safety awareness. Recognized every October, NCSAM was created as a collaborative effort between government