Downtime is not an option when ensuring the public’s
safety is your mission. Every second matters.

That is why state and local governments rely on Kalleo for system
dependability and support.

Are chronic performance and reliability issues slowing you down? Lost time = lost revenue. Let us help you get more from your existing IT investments.
It’s no secret: you are a target for hackers and cyberthieves. Protect your proprietary business data and ensure rapid recovery of your computing environment in the event of an unavoidable attack.
Government entities possess volumes of information belonging to the communities they serve. Security of this private data is our top priority.
Your staff members do not have traditional operating hours, therefore neither do ours. Day or night, weekdays or weekends, help is always available.


Kalleo’s IT Support Packages are purpose built and customer specific.
We help you choose the level of support that is right for your business and its unique needs.

Our technicians have a wide range of knowledge supporting technologies unique to government entities. Downtime is not an option when public safety is your mission. Our support packages were designed with this in mind: to minimize unplanned outages by proactively identifying and repairing minor issues before they result in major downtime events.

Support when you need it - day or night, weekdays or weeknights. Kalleo provides the level of support required by your organization. For companies without internal IT resources, we help them get out from under IT as a burden so that they realize the potential leverage of technology. For companies with internal IT resources, we help by removing the burden of day to day management of IT so that they can focus on creating business leverage through technology.

Over many years we have often been alarmed to discover the number of businesses that have either inadequate backups or worse none at all. It is very rare to find businesses that regularly tests its backups and disaster recovery systems and procedures. A core part of our strategy is to make sure that all data is properly backed up both onsite and offsite but also that there is a disaster recovery strategy in place that protects the business from expensive downtime. We then regularly monitor and test those backup and recovery systems to ensure that they can be relied on when the need arises.

Kalleo has many years experience providing IT management for a variety of applications. Our technicians are experts in the ins and outs of IT. With this foundation of experience Kalleo is able to offer a robust and well managed hosting environment for your applications. We take care of related regulatory compliance. Technicians are available 24x7.

"It was clear from the beginning that the level of knowledge that Kalleo offered far exceeded what we had experienced in the past which made our decision to hire Kalleo fairly easy.  We are not Information Technology experts at Paducah Water Works. Kalleo’s expertise is very valuable to us. They identify how to make what we have work better and what improvements we can make to be more efficient and effective."

Tilman Burnett – Paducah Water Works