EHR in the Cloud: Considerations for Selecting an EHR Cloud Hosting Provider

Are you feeling pressured to move your EHR to the Cloud?

If so, you are not alone. Many EHR vendors today encourage practices to move their EHRs out of their offices and into the cloud. But how do you know if this is the right decision for your practice? The decision to move your EHR to the cloud is not a decision that should be considered lightly.  A cloud-hosted EHR offers several benefits to healthcare practices, but hosting the EHR in the cloud is not the best option for every practice.


Alternatively, have you already moved your EHR to the cloud?

Warning: not all clouds are created equal! How confident are you that the hosting provider you’ve entrusted with your system is providing you with the most efficient, secure and compliant infrastructure for your unique needs? You may think hosting your EHR in your EHR provider’s cloud is the best (or only) route to reaping the benefits associated with EHR hosting. You may be surprised to learn that this decision may be costing you in terms of flexibility, user experience, and maximum ROI on your system.