Vulnerability Assessment
& Penetration Service

Understand Your Risks Before It's Too Late

Kalleo’s penetration testing emulates the real-world attacks you are likely to encounter. Through this service we are able to identify potential weaknesses and provide actionable intel before an actual attack takes place.


Network Scanning

Performing automated sweeps of IP addresses of systems provided and/or discovered.

System & Service Profiling

Identification of the operating system and version numbers operating on the system, to focus subsequent tests.

Vulnerability Identification

Potential vulnerabilities (control weaknesses) applicable to the system are researched, tested, and identified.

Vulnerability Validation

After vulnerabilities are identified, they must be validated to minimize errors (false reports of problems), which involves attempts to exploit the vulnerability.

Privilege escalation

Should exploitation of vulnerability be successful, attempts are made to escalate the privileges to obtain “complete control” of the system.

Advanced Reporting

Following our assessment you will be provided with a detailed report including recommendations for remediation actions, where applicable.

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