White Label MSP Services

Supplement Your Service Offerings with White Label MSP Services by Kalleo 

If you are a VAR, ISP, Web Hosting Provider, IT Project Developer, or Software Implementor, you know your clients need a solid IT infrastructure supported by IT professionals who provide prompt, reliable technical support service to keep their business up and running. Chances are you are not looking to be an infrastructure manager or help desk provider, however, you know the success or failure of your efforts can be impacted by a poorly performing network.  


For nearly two decades ago we have been leveraging our founders' knowledge of highly efficient remote system management for Fortune 100 companies to provide efficient, secure, and reliable IT networks for businesses of all sizes nationwide.  Some of our most successful partnerships are with IT solution providers just like you.


Today we are proud to share our processes and infrastructure with other IT businesses looking to help their clients eliminate their technology headaches. White Label MSP Services by Kalleo allows IT Partners to grow their recurring monthly revenues while not adding any additional tasks to your current workload. Use our tools. Use our staff. Grow your business.


Benefits of Kalleo's White Label MSP Service

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White Label MSP Services

Kalleo’s White Label MSP Services enables IT companies to expand their service portfolios. Our solution is perfect for VARs, ISPs, project developers and integrators, and Web Hosting agencies who seek to grow their businesses through the addition of predictable monthly revenue without distracting from their specialty line of business.

Benefits Include:

  • Expand your service portfolio with a full scope of managed service offerings.
  • Get up and running quickly with no large up-front capital required.
  • Grow revenues with predictable monthly recurring billings.
  • Full visibility of all services provided to your clients keeping you at the center of the client relationship.
  • Choose from ala carte service offerings or comprehensive package offerings.

Kalleo's MSP White Label Service Package Options

Kalleo offers service options tailored to your specific needs.  Partners may choose to subscribe to one or more of our ala carte service offerings or our comprehensive package. Our goal is to equip IT Partners will the specific tools and services they need to grow their businesses.

Ala Carte Services

> Rented A/V

Kalleo can provide anti-virus software on a monthly cost basis. This approach allows us our clients to always have access to the most effective A/V solution available. Use of our A/V software is not a requirement to take advantage of our services. IT Partners who prefer to use their own are welcome to do so.

> IT Toolset

Kalleo uses a sophisticated system of software and hardware tools to effectively manage the systems in our care. We host the applications so that IT Partners do not need to add any server infrastructure. We will train and provide ongoing support to enable you, as our Partner, to take total use of the tools available. Use of our toolset is not a requirement to take advantage of our services. IT Partners who prefer to use their own are welcome to do so.

> Patch Management

Effective patch management is crucial to keeping endpoints up to date and secure. We provide patch management services to ensure endpoints remain protected preventing problems before they occur. This service is available to IT Partners as a stand-alone service offering.

24x7x365 Help Desk

> Triage

24x7 front line support call capture, qualification and routing. Ensures robust ticketing and support data.

> Defined Problem Resolution

Technicians are focused on a defined set of IT Tasks and issues.

> Application

Front line support of one or more specific applications. Helping users with their day-to-day support needs.

All-Inclusive MSP

> Comprehensive Infrastructure Support

This package solution is designed for companies that choose to outsource their entire IT support operations. This support package includes our 24x7x365 Help Desk and our Network Management Services.

24x7x365 Help Desk

Kalleo’s Help Desk Team’s rich knowledge base allows our team to resolve the majority of issues on the first call. Our team of technical support experts is always available to resolve issues with your clients' servers, network infrastructure, computer, mobile, tablet or peripheral devices.

Network Management Service

Kalleo’s Network Management Service is focused on detecting problems before they cause failures. Responding to failures that cannot be prevented is our top priority to minimize the financial impact to your organization and keep your staff productive.

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