Disconnected MAR Instructions

1. Install WinSCP on the Client PC.


2. On the Client PC, create a the folder path:   C:\Disconnected MAR\Medpass


3. Download the Disconneted MAR to the Client PC, from this link. (Note: you must unzip the file once the download completes.)


4. Paste the Disconnected MAR on the Client PC at:   C:\Disconnected MAR\


5. Create a shortcut to the DisconnectedMAR.exe and place it on the All Users Desktop.


6. On the Client PC, copy WinSCP.com & WinSCP.exe from:   C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\


7.  Paste the above files in:   C:\Disconnected MAR\


Disconnected MAR Instructions

8.       Launch the Disconnected MAR on each laptop and click “Options” at the top.  Enter the following values:

a.       Hosted/Cloud Environment: Yes

b.      Server: hosting.kalleo.net

c.       Port: 22

d.      User: [PROVIDED BY KALLEO]

e.      Password: [PROVIDED BY KALLEO]

f.        Key: ssh-rsa 1024 [PROVIDED BY CORRECTEK] *Note: include the “ssh-rsa ” at the beginning

g.       Pending Med Pass Directory: /Pending

h.      Completed Med Pass Directory: /Completed

i.         Local Med Pass Folder:  Choose a folder on the computer.  It is recommended creating a folder named       MedPasses under the C:\DisconnectedMAR folder you created in step one.  If you choose “My Documents”, the path will be user specific and only the user that set it up may have access to the folder.  This is where the med pass file will be downloaded to on the local computer.  If the user says they can’t find their med pass file, this folder is the first place to look.

9.       Make sure you have a stable internet connection and click Test Connection and a “Success” message should appear.



If you have a question not answered here, or you require additional support, please contact the Kalleo Help Desk at (270) 908-4136 option 2.