At Home Medical Improves IT Reliability and Staff Efficiency with Kalleo’s Healthcare IT Wellness Program

At some point in our lives, all of us are likely to face a medical or physical challenge that requires the purchase of home medical equipment. Early in their medical services careers, Karen Taylor and Teri Jones recognized this while also observing the stress families and individuals undergo when faced with home medical equipment purchasing decisions. They also recognized that not all home medical equipment service providers are concerned with the overall wellness of the patients whom they serve. With that in mind, they launched At Home Medical, a compassionate provider of home medical equipment and mastectomy products to patients in western Kentucky.


Since opening their doors in November 2008, Karen and Teri have encouraged their staff to get to know their patients personally and to make customer service a high priority. The At Home Medical staff is highly reliant upon technology to deliver the responsive, quality care patients have come to expect from the company.


When At Home Medical began to experience a decline in their productivity stemming from unpredictable IT performance, they sought help from Kalleo to reclaim their time and lost productivity.


The Challenge:


“A computer or network outage cripples our company instantly due to all of our medical software and records being stored in our cloud-based system,” explains Jacob Puckett, Office Administrator of At Home Medical.


“Before we hired Kalleo, we were limping along with reactive type support. While our IT provider scrambled to fix problems as they occurred, our staff would be at a standstill. This impacted our responsiveness to our clients and their needs.”


The Solution: Kalleo Technologies IT Wellness Program


At Home Medical subscribes to Kalleo’s IT Wellness Program – a monthly preventative maintenance program that monitors thousands of distinct events and metrics 24 hours a day to discover problems either as they happen or even before they

occur. Help Desk support is provided by phone, online chat, or email for issues that cannot be prevented.



“Kalleo monitors our systems and corrects issues before they ever have a chance to adversely affect our work flow. It’s hard to quantify the positive return this has on our business because we are blissfully unware we ever had a problem”.


Kalleo’s wealth of experience in the healthcare industry was also an important consideration for At Home Medical: “Kalleo has a deep understanding of HIPAA and the HITECH Act. They know what is required to keep our business compliant in this challenging industry and the complicated regulations that govern it.”



The Results:


“Since partnering with Kalleo we have seen an immediate and undeniable increase in productivity from our employees. If they have an IT issue that cannot be prevented, they know exactly who to contact to get the issue resolved. If they do come to a supervisor for help we immediately direct them to Kalleo for either the live chat or phone support.”


When asked what he would say to someone who is considering the hire of Kalleo as their IT Partner, Jacob replied: “Hiring Kalleo is a no brainer. Employers should be pushing themselves and their employees to excel in their area of expertise. They should not be paralyzed by poor performing technology systems.  Even companies with internal IT professionals will benefit from Kalleo’s expertise. If you employ an internal IT staff consider hiring Kalleo to help ease the burden on your IT pros so they can focus on more substantial projects that positively impact their business’ productivity and profitability.”

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