Kalleo Hosting Password Change Procedure

Users that are members of the EMR Admin group will have access to an additional icon named Password Control.


Login to the Kalleo Hosting Resources web page (https://”ClientName”.kalleohosting.com) with your admin account, you will now see this additional icon in the folder.


Click on “Password Control” remote application, enter your full kalleohosting username and password (username@kalleohosting) and the screen below should appear. Enter the user’s username and click on the “Binocular” search button at the right of the Username field to find the correct user. Be mindful of similar usernames such as agroovey and agroovey1. You will see other clients’ accounts, but you will NOT be able to make changes to anyone but your location (listed as “ClientName”).


Your search results will appear (see below) and if multiple results are displayed, click and highlight the correct user and click “OK”


Type in the desired password (Complexity requirements must be adhered to) or click on the "G" to the right of the password box to generate a random password (not available for all users), and click on “Change Password”.  To force the user to change the password upon next login (not required, but highly recommended) leave the “Force Password Change at Logon” option checked, otherwise, uncheck the box before clicking “Change Password”.


If you wish to disable a user from accessing CorrecTek, after entering and confirming the user account you want to work with, click the “Account” drop down and then click disable. Be aware though, you will not be able to enable the user account. Only Kalleo Technologies can enable accounts.


Click "Exit" when complete.

Should you require additional technical support, contact the Kalleo Help Desk at (270) 908-4136, option 2.